Why law firms are missing a fantastic opportunity to win new business

I had a great response to my recent blog post, The big problem with law firm websites, and thank you to everyone who came back to me with comments.

One point that struck a nerve was the suggestion that many law firm websites fall down because they fail to create an emotional connection with the reader. This is true of much of the rest of their content marketing too.  

This is a shame because law firms are missing a fantastic opportunity. Content marketing is based on the idea that if you deliver valuable information to a defined audience they will reward you with their business. And one thing law firms have plenty of is valuable information.

People instruct law firms for a variety of reasons: buy a home, get divorced, do a business deal etc. Whatever the reason, it is invariably a period of anxiety and stress. It’s exactly at these times that clients turn to the Internet to understand more about their situation and what to do next.

Law firms that use content marketing to answer these questions and quell anxieties can show off their expertise and experience. In doing so they build trust and confidence in their firm and the services they offer. The result? They’re more likely to win new clients.

With this in mind I decided to write a white paper:  Why Your Law Firm Needs a Content Marketing Strategy and How to Put One in Place.

In it I go into more detail about what content marketing is, why it suits law firms so well and how to put a strategy in place.

If you would like to receive a copy of the white paper, please click here, complete your details and I will send it to you.

Simon Manuel, Ink & Dots